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PICS: Pervy Pin-ups: Vintage Enema Erotica

Title: Pervy Pin-ups: Vintage Enema Erotica
Author: Galadriel (caras_galadhon) and Barbara (savageseraph)
Fandom: Pin-up Artwork
Pairings: F/M, F/M/F, F/F/F/M, F/F (All OCs)
Rating: NC-17
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Disclaimer: We have vivid fantasy lives, but we did not create, nor do we assert any ownership over any of the artwork presented within.
Summary: A picspam with commentary on a series of vintage erotica art heavily focussed on enemas.
Warnings: Depiction is not endorsement. Additionally, while these are simply fictional drawn pieces, it is worth nothing that we believe that all depicted participants are over the age of consent and that all the activity within is consensual. Regardless, a case could be made for some of the participants being under the age of 18, so please keep that in mind.
Notes: Written/compiled for kink_bingo. Yep, we started (and, it seems, ended) with the enema square again.

Pervy Pin-ups: Vintage Enema Erotica
By Barbara and Galadriel

When considering what we might do for the enema square this time around, we decided we wanted to take a different tack than last time, and instead of writing fic, we thought we might do something a little more graphics-oriented. caras_galadhon suggested icons, so off to Google Images we went to find some useful raw materials.

In and amongst the real and realistic depictions of erotic enemas, we found the third picture in this picspam, which caught our attention simply because it was a different approach than what was presented in the photographs, various black and white illustrations, and more modernist pieces that were available in abundance. A little while after this discovery, we stumbled on a couple more in the same style. It was obvious right off that these pieces were likely all by one artist (or possibly two or three involved in the same project), so we did a little digging.

While we've been unable to find the original source of these pieces (no idea of the artist's name or what publication/show/etc. they might have been for, and there's no signature or other identifying information on the works themselves), we did find, in total, thirty-seven different illustrations, twenty-nine of which are explicitly depicting erotic enemas. (The other eight do not.)

What was even more fascinating was that we realized, as we started to comb through the full set, that many of the pictures were related to each other, as if part of smaller sub-series. As a result, some of them appear to tell a chronological story, and some appear to be the same individuals in different situations. We've tried to group like with like to better underline these similarities, but since we have know way of knowing if we have the entire set of illustrations, it's possible some crucial "plot points" are missing. It's equally possible that many of the ones towards the end that do not seem to correspond with other scenarios around them are simply one-shot drawings.

Right. With all that out of the way... Onward!

(Click through for larger versions.)

Tags: art:vintage, challenge:kink_bingo, picspam, rating:nc-17
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